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Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011-
School was boringggg. Babe wasn't there the entire day b/c of the doctors and ortho. He came at lunch and brought me subway though ^^ Heheh. I'm so jealous... he got his braces off!!! LOL His teeth are so pretty :P Hm.. came home, went to acupuncture, ate crepe temptations, had dinner, chilled, & etc. Not going to school 2m cause I'm gonna spend the day studying and resting. I've been getting headaches again :/ Stopping by ortho at 4 b/c my wire snapped -.-... & probably going to a mall w/ F21 b/c there are a few items i see online that i want ^^V Thats about it. Staying home all weekend to study for AP chem exam. I HAVE to pass this. I want it so bad :T Mkay, gonna sleep now. Nighttttts! :)

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