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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011-
Goooood day ^^ School was ehhhhh. After school, babe & i brought hunter shopping :) We bought him a massive, heavy piece of 'hoof', a kabob stick of different treats, & a new squishy football toy! LOL The football is so cute in his mouth. He LOVES his kabob stick. If you get anywhere near it, he'll get SO defensive. It's adorable! Umm i got baby a whole bag of various treats! Theeeeeen babe bought mcdonalds while i got denny's. I had their breakfast value thing; 2 eggs, 2 bacons, 2 pancake for only $4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Then we had to rush home cause babe had work at 5 :/ Umm i got in bed, caught up on my shows, & worked on babes ann present. Ate dinner & then fell asleep at 9. Babe woke up at 12am saying " OH SHIT. We both fell asleep. " ): I got up an hr ago and started doing hw. Sigh.. time to study now!

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