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Friday, January 28, 2011

Im in English & i finished my essay like 4 days early, so ive been having free periods :P Uhmm ill summarize my anniversary! (Excuse my typos, im on my phone) School was ehhh. After school, i took some outfit pics with my phone. Then babe and i took hunter to the park ^^ The walk was superrr long, but hunter enjoyed it. We played on the swings for a bit & babe pushed us. Hunters expression was priceless! We put him down on the sand and and once he put his nose on the floor, it was covered in sand!! LOOL We had to help him pick it all out. Bad idea.. LOL Stayed out for about an hour and then went home. We made some sammiches and just chilled for a bit. Babe was super tired so he napped. I did some homework and then at around 5:30, i got a massive headache. I took some advil & decided to nap as well. We set the alarm for 7, b/c we decided to go out for a semi formal dinner ^^ I know we're celebrating sunday but it was our actual anniversary and we wanted it to be special. I got ready super quick. I wore a light grey sweater dress, a black peacoat, tights, and my cathy jean super high heels. Put up my bangs cause they were bugging me :P Got to the restaurant at around 8. We went to Be My Guest, a super romantic and cute thai restaurant ^^ Got angel wings (boy were they yummy), pad see u (for me) & salmon w/ curry and coconut rice. (for babe) It was delishhh! Finished a little after nine & went home. We watched the new ep of jersey shore and then babe slept. I studied till 2 ): Haha im so tired! I know im exhausted when i dont remember turning off my alarm and returning to sleep -.- I rushed this morning but i reeeeallly love my outfit! I cant wait to take outfit pics ^^ Uhmm kk imma end it here and play pokerrr! LOL Bye :)

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