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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My weekend;
I should really get started on hw but i'm hooked on criminal minds. LOL + i just answered all my formspring questions! Whoo hooo! So...
Friday- After school, me & frank went down to polly anns, eggettes, & dominos ( My middle school neighborhood ) & ate lunch. I had... a hotdog, tapioca, & imitation fin soup. Babe ate pizza & a " green river " drink? LOL We sat in the car and ate. Omgggg, it was so hot i was dyinggg! Anywhos, afterwards, we went to stones and met with lance & erica. Shopped for a little bit but i didn't get anything but my free VS underwear. LOL We rushed to costco at 7PM to buy food for saturday. We ended up only getting shrimp but i bought hella shits for school + these memory foam slippers!!! They're really pretty ^^V LOL We bought soda from costco and then drove 30-45 minutes to eat Sonics O.O At first i was like WTF?! Why would we go that far for fast food?! But when we got there i was like HOLY SHIT. This is amazing... LOL You pretty much drive up next to a menu and then they roller skate the food to you!!! So cool O.O It was really yummy too ^^ LOL Too bad its so far away :/... But anywhos, that was fun to try out. Then we drove lance and erica home at around ... 11-12? Idr but they fell asleep on the way home. LOL ( And again on saturday!!! ) I should draw on her one of these days. Heheh...
Saturday- We were supposed to get up and head to black berry farm or this place that had an our door swimable lake, pool, bbq area, etc. But we woke up late ): LOL.. went to ericas place at like 12-1 ish? We kinda hung out for a bit and marinated the shrimp. The boys went to buy stuff and we cooked some shrimp. HOLY FUCK they were good... LOL ( Erica made the sauce ) Um... left the house by 2! We stopped at Ranch market 99 to buy some lamb & chicken. ( We brought drinks, a cooler, pork, watermelon, etc ) Headed towards black berry farm since the other place wasn't picking up :/ Pit stop at McDonalds cause we were staaaaarving! Got to black berry farm at like... 3:30. It closes at 5PM and there was no open bbq pits ( We brought portable bbq grills but they don't allow those either ) The boys wanted to go so bad but it was $8 and didn't look very fun. We asked the lady whats the closest beach and she said Santa Cruz is only 1/2 hr away O.O LOL We decided to go right on the spot which was seriously CRAZY. LOL Took another hour to get there and we were so lucky, we found parking right next to the entrance!!! Who hoo! We had to carry HELLA shit down to the beach. We were all dying cause it was so darn heavy and hot -.- Finally got there, put the things down, applied sunscreen, took our clothes off ( wearing swimsuits under ) and literally ran into the water. The waves went up to my neck! I was hella scared cause i can't swim ): LOL I saw a wave literally COVER lance and erica. Babe swam around... LOL Then we spotted this area that kinda looked like a little river. There was waves going up AND down... its hard to explain but basically, its like a current that brings you into the ocean. I wonder if thats ALWAYS there or if it was just a coincidence ... Anywhos, we just kept running to the top and lying down on our backs. It literally washed us into the ocean. HELLA HELLA HELLA fun!!!! LOLL I can't emphasize that enough. Um... played for over an hourrrrr and then i got chilly so we went back to our spot. Me & erica went to the car to change while the boys started the fire. Omggg, we changed in the car but we had to take our swimsuit bottoms off outside and there was groups of boys going by and eweijtopi3251. It was awkward -.-.... LOL We changed and reapplied make up ( which was a waste of time considering it got dark right after -.- ) Changed into dresses and what not. When we walked back, it was dark and the park was closing O.O It was only 7:30!!! LOL Anywhos, we went down to the beach which was practically empty now and ate ^^ The food was SO yummy... It was so relaxing... Super good food, bright stars, the calming sound of the ocean, night light, around people i love, etc etc etc. Amazing way to end the school quarter. We cooked and laughed and chilled. We even cut open an entire watermelon O.O LOLLL Anywho, we had a good time ^^V Then we star gazed heheh... we decided to pack up and leave but lance lost his knife O.O It was like buried in the sand... LOL We had to walk past the park to get back to the car. It was dark... empty... creepy.. and then alla a sudden there was this black figure behind us... walking fast... IT WAS SO SCARY. I took off my heels and ran! + The exit gate was LOCKED. Omgomgomg my adrenaline was pumping -.- LOL We literally ran and finally found an exit. Goddamnnnnnnnn. Thennn we run into this scary drunk man. Fuckkkk LOL Got into the car, locked the doors, and headed home. The drive was calming, as always. OHOHOH on the way TO santa cruz, in the mountains, we drove past a fire O.O Like a loose fire! It was only a few feet away from us... hella fucking scary! And then we read about sharks -.- ( good idea, lance and erica. ) LOL Turns out theres white sharks near the shore of santa cruz but the last attack was back in the 1900s! LOL Still scary... but at least we didn't get eaten :D .. so we drove lance and erica home. Went home, showered, slept. Now my body is COMPLETELY sore -.- LOL Okay end of day.
Sunday- Didn't do anything but watch TV -.- Gotta start homework! Babe had a race at 6AM today ( He brought us all the way to Santa Cruz even after knowing that he has to get up at 5AM the next day! ^^ Love him. ) He won first place for his division? Too bad i couldn't be there :/... He's so dark -.- It's nastyyyy!!! LOL Mkay, gonna start hw. Goodbye :) FUCK. I don't wanna go back to school. Stupid presentation. UGH

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