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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010-
EXTREMELY quick run through of my day cause i still gotta pick out an outfit! :/ Uhm.... wore my high waist shorts and my lace tank todaaaaaay. Same outfit as sixflags during summer. LOL Therefore, no pics. Umumum, AP stat was boring as usual. English, eh. AP Chem omgomgogm i studied HOURS for the quiz and i actually think i got this one! 80-90% or imma cry. LOL Lunch with babe was great as usual. He wrote me a cuteass note ^^ Did absolutely nothing in Chinese. Pre-Cal, got our test back. Guess what? I got a 99/93. YAAAAAYERS. I think i got the highest score out of the entire class ^^V Yayyyyyy. I think he calculated wrong, i was supposed to get a 94. But hey, why would i tell him that? LOLL Um... US History was alrightttttts, my teachers interesting. After school, babe dropped me off and went to his first CYC Dragon boat thing. Hes joining dragon boat which means less time together. + he goes to 24 hr fitness ALL the time... sigh ): It kills me to know that we won't have quality time together anymore but i'm really proud that hes actually doing something productive. I could tell he REALLY likes dragon boat and as long as he's happy, i'm happy ^^ I'll go to all his races to cheeeeeer him on!!!! LOL Big dinner, mom had hella friends over. I wore a robe and put all my hair up. bahahahah, so pretty. -.- ..... They sung and made it so hard to concentrate on hw. Me and babe did hw and hes sleeeeeping now. Well... for like an hr already. LOL I'm gonna find an outfit and then sleep. Oh, i got SO many weird looks today. To the point where i asked frank " Is there something wrong w/ me? Why's everyone looking? .... " LOL I seriously thought like something was wrong! -.- ..... Uhm... it got SUPER cold SUPER fast. Which was retardedddddddo. What elseeeeee..... 2ms thursday meaning its early schedule! Whooooo! Gonna nap forsure ^^ Gonna go now. What to wear 2m.. hm... kk nights!
P.S: I updated my phone meaning TONS of twitpics! ^^ ( At one point my phone had the limit, 999 photos. I deleted ALL of them. Now i can take pics again! Wuuuuuuh wuhhhhhh. )

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