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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010-
Heeey guyyyyyys! I'm gonna do a quick blog post before i start workin on homework. Uhm, dressed blah today. I literally didn't wanna put together an outfit so i randomly chose shits. LOL Wore my pink poka dot DRESS folded up into a top. Felt uglaaaaay all day, as always. I seriously haven't had a single day where i felt confident since school started. Thats.. depressing ): Oh well. Uhm, class was boring. I was fallin asleep all day. It went by so quickly though; since it was thursday. Uhhhhm, got outta school earrrrlaaaaay! ^^ Came home, changed into my VS sweatshirt cause its comfy, & went to serramonte w/ babe. We sang the whole way there and back. LOOL Like, LOUD, all out. It was hella funnnn :P ... Got a ring at For Love ( I want like 3 more rings... and tons of new accessories! ), another free panty at VS ( My 3rd one this month! O.O ), & a bunch of stuff at target: Travel size hair spray, Loreals lash boosting serum ( I'm DYING to try this out ), ELF brown eyeliner ( I wanna try a natural light look. ), a little brush for lipstick/ lip gloss, and more brow mascara. Oh yeah, and more snacks :) We were hungry so we stopped by Quizznos before we came home. Bout a large sub, soda, salad, & soup! Ate, just me & babe! ^^ Then we came home. Uhmmm... gonna start homework now! LOL Oh yeah, so i've been reading reviews on the eyelash serum and its SUPPOSED to work. I mean, i'm SO SO SO excited to try it out!!!! Heheh, i'll keep you updated on that. Uhmm.. i'm SO sorry i haven't been posting any outfit of the days. I've barely worn anything new, that wasn't on my blog. I seriously have like a BAJILLION new items though... i.e.: striped sweater, striped hoodie, 2 scarfs, 3 sweatshirts, an abercrombie hoodie, a white big thick sweater, 2 loose tops, a couple of tanks, 2 pairs of new jeans, & etc. I should start wearing new shits 3 times a week instead. LOL In the next month or so, i'm gonna buy a whole lotta accessories. I feel like i don't have enough :P I think i'm done w/ clothes though... Heeeeeeh

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