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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010-
Heey guys! I've had a horrible, horrible day. Lets run through it real quick... uhmm... got ready. Wore my hollister hoodie that is SO SO SO soft and comfy. I didn't take much pics but i'll definitely wear it again soon. I had 2 quizzes and a lab today! So fussy -.- LOL Stats quiz was pretty simple, i didn't remember how to make an ogive graph though, but we ended up running out of time so she made it extra credit ( THANK GOD. ) English quiz was stupid and easy -.- She let us talk. Shes WAAAAY too nice! Chem lab was kinda scary O.O We used gas and fire and whatnot. Fact: IM SCARED OF FIRE. LOL I've never lit a match ^^ ... The entire room was filled w/ gas. It smelled DISGUSTINGGGGG and i was scared we were gonna die. Bahahahah. It was pretty interesting though :P Chinese was boringggg, pre-cal was boringggggggg, and US history was boring. OMG, my eyes hurt ALL day. Like, i kept feeling things pricking it and it would make me cry. My make up got SO fucked up cause i kept rubbing my eyes! Ughhhhhh, felt like shit so i kept my head down the rest of the day. Came home and realized that i wasn't going out -.-........ I was pisssssssssssed.. but lets not go into that ^^ I ended up sleeping from like 5-9. Heheh... im starting to feel sick, so i guess i needed the rest. Ate hotpot and uh.. watched VS fashion shows. I've seriously watched them SO many times. 2009 maybe about 5 times. 2008- 3 times. 2007- once. 2006-once. And so on. I think i've watched all of them up to date. Heheh... my favorite would be the 2008 one. Its more playful and has ALL my favorite models in it ^^ Okay, end of day. I'll try to answer some formspringgggggg. Goodbye :)

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