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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010-
Hm.. lets see what i remember. Umm, slept in & went to stones @ like 4. Bought jeggings from wetseal ^^ Everyone who has jeggings LOVE them so i decided to get a pair. They were like $25 but they're having this 20% w/ every jean purchase thing so they came up to be $20. I saw a poka dotted scarf at h&m but it was like $7 & i decided that it wasn't cute enough ): Um.. saw this stripped cardigan but it was freakin $18. Sigh.... Babe & i went home to eat dinner. We had hot pot ^^ Then .. at like 8 ish, me, viv, christian, & frank went to Daly City Century. We were supposed to watch Inception @ 9:00 but the tickets were sold out. So instead, our movie was at 9:55. Waited like 1 & 1/2 hours -.- I got hot cocoa ^^ The movie was aweeeeeesome. Hella intense! It wasn't AMAZING but it was a must see movie. LOL I was so fucking confused but i eventually got it :D It was a good ass movie. Umm.. we got home at like 1AM. I slept at like 3AM. Yupyup. End of day!
Oh, i managed to take an outfit picture. Babe took the picture from below so my body looks oddly long. I hate pictures from bottom-up. -.-

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