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Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010-
I had a horrible sleep cause babe took up all the space -.- I hate him! LOL Woke up at 1:30PM & got ready. Didn't get time to put together an outfit so i repeated ^^ Um.. got ready super fast. Me, my mom, & vivian spent the entire day together. Went to ikea to return some stuffs my dad bought. Then we bought some food there ^^ 50 cent hot dog?! LOL & we got like cinnamon cakes or w/e. Went to great mall for a few hours. Theres barely anything there now -.- I only bought 2 tops & the cardigan i wanted from H&M ^^ I'm sure i'll wear it alot so its worth my money :D OHOHOH! My high waist shorts came today! They're perfect, i love them so much!!!! Thanks to the one who gave me the link. I LOVE YOU!!! LOL I'll wear them this wednesday :) Anywhoossss, got home at like 8PM. Ate pizza. Worked on the online store. Then babe came over since 2ms our anniversary! Hehe, he bought me this foot massage thingy. Its cool 8) Okie dokes, heres 2 pictures!

Snapped a picture before we left. My hairs so long now ^^ I haven't cut it in over 1/2 year! My layers grew out so much that my hair takes so much work to make it volumized. ): ( Idk why my hand is there. I was holdin my thigh. LOOOOL. )

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