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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010- ( Summary of day in previous post ).
* Click on the pictures to enlarge. They're REALLY good quality so i suggest you do so :)
Ew, LOL The lighting makes me look orange! But anywhos, white cheddar popcorn!
Babys chilli dog, which looks disgusting! Jeanies hotdog! And Dens head which looks like jeanie hair LOOOL
My shoes + baby feet -.-
Dens shoes + arizona .. LOOL
After eating!
Baby & Dennison playing frisbee! LOL
Blaaaah, me no like.
So chubby.
Couldn't keep my eyes open! LOL
Boyfriend's tannnnnning so i camera-whored.
Jeanie & I. My hair was fucked upppp by then -.-
Me & Jeanie walking to the ocean for pictures! LOL I'm holding her camera & shes holding mine :P
First set by the water :P HELLA GOOD LIGHTING & QUALITY!
Why do i look so nerdy? LOLFinally put my earrings back in after a week w/ out them. LOL Thank god they didn't close.
Maiiiin bitch.
Second set of pictures!So damn cold LOLTrynna step over the wave LOL
The water splashing up from my feet in this picture is cool.
Definitely have to write in the sand everytime :P
S&F." AAAAAAAAW " - Jeanie LOL
Pretttty! :) What a lovely day.
The glisten is pretty!
AAH, so pretty.
Zoomed up on babe & den back at the ' camp ' LOL
Only picture he would let me put up cause his stretch makes aren't showing here. I don't like PDA pics myself so sorry if this is disturbing. LOL
Bhahah, my big forehead.
I look like i'm really laughing.
We've taken a picture like this before. Two years after & we're still in love. :)
Stupid wind. This is when the storm hits!
Trynna make a heart w/ our hands. When we finally get it, my bangs blow right into my face. FML
Ah, i love this one.
The birds are commmmmminggggggggg!!!!!! GO BOYS GO!
LOOL They're gonna attack.
Whew, what a day.

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