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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29, 2010-

Great Mall! I haven't shopped w/ just my mom & sister alone for a while .. LOL Anywho, i bought so much shitttttt! Happy happy happy! My mom spoiled me today. Heheh :) Lets see .. i spent a total offff ... $150 ish myself ? Not including what vivian got.

1. Coach Makeup Bag!
2. Coach Gloves- All black w/ a trim of the coach print.
3. Tanish puffy sleeve top
4. All lace black bodysuit! Don't ask .. You'll see.
5. All lace leggings
6. Dark brown short shortttts
7. Flowery blouse
8. Light pink plainish top
9. White tanktop w/ a stripe of floral print.
10. Tan flowy tank w/ a studed pocket
11. Ten pairs of falsies!
12. Pink pearl ring.

Yuppppp! That's about it. I got my shoes this morning :) Ordered 3 pairs of boots. Hehehhhh, i like them! Good ass day. Time to sleep now! Nights everyone. Enjoy the pictures. They're kinda weird .. but i promised i'd take some. This was AFTER shopping so i was tired. :P

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