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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 28, 2010-

Part 2 !
So afterrrrr the variety store, we went back to my house. Some of us changed & fixed up. My daddy drove us to elephant bar in serramonte! Yumyumyummmmmmm. LOL Haven't been there for a while :P Uhhhh .. After dinner, we WALKED to sierra bowl. Crazy huh ? I brought flipflops & wore knee high socks. The walk was pretty long but we did it before so it wasn't anything new. Babe climbed the entire serramonte wall ... i was scared to death. Stupid boy. LOL Ran a lot. Some parts were creeeeeeepy! FINALLY got there at around 11PM. Rented the lane & shit. We decided to share a lane which isn't allowed. LOL We got 4 pairs of shoes and shared it! Smart huh ? .. Then our damn lane was broken cause the ball never came back. We switched to another lane & the worker caught us switching off. Damnit! The boys just let the girls play afterwards. I kicked ass .. LOL No not really .. i was just good at the end. Marlene fell on her ass. We screamed a lot, my throat hurted. LOL Uhhhhhh, then we decided to take pictures. I look stiff in them cause my skirt is tight as fuck! The lighting was bad & my hair was fucked from the walk. Um .. i think that's about it. Got home at around 1:30AM ? Idk. Lonnnnnng day! LOL Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERICAAAAAAAA! Heheh, i LOVED my outfit that day! Enjoy the pictures :)

Babe & I!

Erica & Lance !
Jon & Marlene!Jeanie & Dennison!
My boyfriend would take a picture of us like this :) Hehhhh, i love him!
Happy 16th birthday, Ericcccccca!
LOL I'm a good photographer huh ?!?! :D ..
Erica & Lanceeeee!
Bathroom pictures! LOL I was fixing my skirt half the time -.-
Bowling time! Me & Babe LOLL WTH am i doing?!Grrrr, so dark.
Me & Babesterrrrrrrr!
Jon= Marlene
Lan= Erica
Ste= Me
Den= Jeanie
2nd round & guess who won ?!
Babe & I !
The out fitttttttt!
My hair was a mess. Blaaaaah ):
Me & Babe.
Jeanie & Dennison.
Erica & Lance.
I looooooove his ass!
Grrr, these are ugly. But w/e!
Hehe, jeanie's hair .. LOOL
It's not my fault he's tall >:/
Me & Babe!
Loveeeee them.
The outfit!
Moded as fuck!
Tehehe, we look happy. LOLL

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