Basics: Stephanie Zhu. February 13, 1994; 18 yrs old. Studies biochemisty/molecular biology at UC Davis. San Francisco, California. Taken by Steven Huang since January 27, 2008. Happy-go-lucky kind of girl. Positive, confident, and unbelievably happy. Blessed with life. Love for all things beauty. I hope to inspire you in one way or another. Get to know me, I'm friendly! Xoxo

Thursday, January 21, 2010

" Shy ? No, I'm not shy. When i first meet you, i'm observing, evaluating. See, I'm considering if you're worth my time & effort to get to know & be-friend. Bitch move ? No, i'm just sick & tired of wasting my time & energy on people that aren't worth it - people who will just take advantage of me. Because when i'm your friend, best believe i'll give you my all. "
FUCK YES. I finally found something that EXACTLY describes why i'm so quiet. EXACTLY THIS. This is gonna be my reply when people think i'm stupid for being quiet. So there ya go, for everyone who don't get me.

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