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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Rambles;

Shits. Half of the day is over & i haven't done ANYTHING productive. Umm, going to Serra in about an hour. Just gonna stop by VS & For Love & Target. So i won't be there for long. Blog TV tonight ! Lemme remind you that its most my SISTERS blogtv but i will be jumpin in & out throughout the night. Please don't ask for me when i'm gone ! I think thats rude for herrr & its HER blogtv ! LOL But yeah, i will be in @ times. When you catch me, feel free to ask me questions too.
Yeahhhhh, i'm just gonna tie my hair up & wear a hoodie to serra. I'm REALLY tired. Ughhhh, so much homework. Anyone wanna help ? :)

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