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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rambling about my day;

So i'm gonna vent a little about my day like i always do. Today was reallllllly fun & i'm happy happy happy ! Woke up at around 9 & talked to babe a little :) Went back to sleep till 12. Watched TV. Got ready & then Vivian, Christian, Frank, & I went to bashful bulls ! That lady was a bitch & i wanted to smack her in the face. ANYWAYS. LOL The foods good, the lady's a bitch. Went to stonestown ! Hm, since their semi annual sale was going on, the beauty products were on a MAJOR sale. No good clothing & i couldn't find the bra i wanted ): But, we spent FOREVER in the beauty section. Me & Vivian & Frank spent a total of $65. I took pictures so i'll just upload them later. Went to .. Ninas. Bought 3 pairs of sweats ! Well, one pair of velour & the two other pairs just look like leggings but looser. LOL If that makes sense. They're not the prettiest but its for finals week ! Went to Sephora & saw the trial fragrance set thing. Babe bought it for me as PART of my anniversary present. It was $75 ! So pretty much, they give you 7 sample sized perfumes that're like designer brand & then a coupon. You try them out and when you know which one you like, you exchange the coupon for a full sized one. LOL Interesting huh ? Yeahhhhh, i really like it (: Franks not letting my take pics until its our anniversary & until he gives me my ENTIRE present. LOLL Mkay, that was pretty much all we bought. But i spent HELLA money. Oh wait, i bought babe a bluetooth ! LOL For part of our anniversary present. So he can phone me while driving ((: Anyways .. It's almost my sweet 16 & i used to dream about renting a bigass place & celebrating. Now that i think of it, i have more fun with my boyfriend, ALONE then with him + a ton of friends. So i'm think about just spending time w/ him alone & then a day with my familyyyy. Yuuuups ! Dude, idk if i should take my driving test or not .. like i'm old enough to take my writing & all that junks but im LAZY. Like, if my boyfriend drives, why would i drive. I guess the ONLY reason i wanna drive is to get a car & show it off. LOLLLL but thats just being selfish. I've always had a vision of me driving to school in a red convertible ! My mom even promised me a car JUST as good as my sisters. So i was deciding to get a Mercedes rec convertible but idk. I don't wanna drive. Not at all. -.- So i guess i'm not gonna ever live that vision. Oh welllllllssssss. Mkay, this was random. I'm gonna stop talking. Goodbye !

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