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Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010-

I like to narrate. LOL

Got ready pretty quick. 45minutes. Hahahhhh. Viv made me take off MY black leather jacket cause she wanted to wear it. -.- & i actually did. I'm so generous huh ? :)
Camera whored a little bit in the bathroom before leaving for bashful bulls. I wore my new lipgloass palette :) Can't really see in pictures though.My mirror is BEYOND dirty.
I wore new makeup today too. But you can't really tell cause i got no close up photos. Uhhhh, on my sister's car camera whoring w/ the little bit of batteries left. Babe sucks at taking pictures -.-
Beauty Rush body glimmer swirl cream in " very cocoberry " - $3
Nourishing body wash w/ natural shea butter - $3
Dream Angel's Desire lotion - $10
Victoria's Secret Fragrant Candle in Seductive woods - $6 ( I still have it lit & my entire room smells like vanilla ! )
Very Sexy For Him 2 cologne spray - $25

" Super Model " Victoria's Secret sparkle shimmering fragrance mist - $11It's so pretttty. LOLThis smells fucking sexxxxxxy.
Hehe, i secretly took a picture. THEIR SO FCKING CUTEEEE. AHHHH ! Thanks babeeeesterr :))) I can't wait to test them all out.I didn't take pictures of anything else i bought. + I didn't take pics of vivs stuff. Yeahhhhhhhh, i'm gonna do my nails while my boyfriend plays games. -.- He's bugging me ! K bye :)

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