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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nighttttt Loves ♥

So today was just an ordinary day, again. Lots of boring school work. Babe had to do a test at lunch so i was alone ! Haha, i was expecting it to take the entire lunch period but it only lasted like 10 minutes. I was sitting on the stairs and all these girls walking by gave me funky looks. Damn, am i not allowed to sit alone ?! Haha, hella stupid. I moved to the hallway cause i felt like i was in the way :/ Before i got situated, babe came out ! Hehe, i was hella surprised. But happpppy :) Went to the shop building & talked with him for 15 minuteeees. I love spending time with him. Lollll. Went to Irving afterschool to eat pho ! Uhhh .. i don't remember the rest. I just did some shit for finals. Babe's calling ! LOL So now i'm on the phone with him. He's not coming to school tomorrow ): I might spend lunch w/ sandy, otherwise i'll just sit in the shop building. Lolll, all the weird looks piss me off but besides that, i dont mind. Uhh, yup. I'm gonna sleep earlier tonight. Gonna remove makeup, shower, choose an outfit, & sleeeeeeeep ! Yupyup. How was your day ?Haha, are you guys scared to post on my formspring now ?! I'm not gonna get mad o.O Hahah, it was just one day. Don't worry about it (:

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