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Friday, January 8, 2010

My day !

Hm, where to begin. So babe came in the morning like usual. Got my longass hug that i love. Uhhhh, school was .. normal. Got my pSAT scores back. They're hella good for a sophomore but to me, it sucks shit. & i'm disappointed. Sighhhhhhh. " You scored higher than 91% of sophomores in mathematics ". Thats good though ! LOLL The only part i'm proud of. Uh, my locker partner lost my textbook. I'm not mad, until he looses it forsure. Then imma go crazy. LOL IM not paying though, NO WAY. Nothing else happened at school. Well, not that i can remember. Got home & had the urge to go to stones. I want more rings, velour sweats, VS bra, & hoodies ! GAAAH. I MUST GO SHOPPING. LOL Babe's gonna bring me 2m though ! Well, i hope he does :/ Then after, we're gonna go dinner ! LOL Anyways, back to today. So vivian & christian decides to go on a walk to Irving. We tagged along ! Took pics on the way, as you saw in my previous post. Spent HELLA time @ wallgreens. It's kinda interesting ! I got .. cotton balls ( cause cotton pads kinda hurt my eyes ), a lipgloss PALETTE, another quad, & caramel nips ! Viv got a hugeass makeup set, lipstick, & other shit that i don't remember. Went to Tutti Melon. Got hella froyo & i actually finished it. Haven't had that in the LONGEST time. Uhh .. yeah. Went home, caught up on a bunch of TV shows, ate dinner, more TV, then blog. LOL Kinda boring but w/e, i bought a few things. I'll be at stones 2m, so if you see me, say hi. Mkay, gonna answer some formspring. Bye !

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