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Friday, January 22, 2010

Let me share with you-

Hellllo ! So lemme start off w/ my day as i normally do. Hated my outfit today; It was pink & cream, REALLY girly. A little TOO girly. LOL Idk why i wore it. Had a freaking reading test in Chinese. I kinda embarrassed myself cause i kept messing up. :// Fire alarm went off at lunch time ! IT WAS POURRRRING. Turns out there actually was a fire ! LOL It wasn't huge though. Uhh .. Gym was pissing cause boys kept coming on to our court. They almost ran me over a million times ! Dammmn, it was annoying :/ Modern Worldddd, a ton of work. At the end of class we watched part of a movie called " Saving Private Ryan " ? ... Looked interesting ! Went to KFC, pigged out. Went to Walgreens, got a mint masque thing. Walked home in the rain ): Uhhh, i don't remember what i did between 5-7 ... LOL We ate dinnner, watched a ton of Manswers, & just chilledddd. Me, Vivian, Christian, & Frank put on the face mask ! LOOL It was funny :) Babe: " Will this remove my wrinkles ? " LOLL. It was funny. The product was alright. Not too impressed. OH, and our Limoges Jewelry cameeee ! EEEEK. We ordered a total of 5 rings & 1 bracelet. I loooooove my rings ! It looks hella nice :) My bracelet is REALLY big so im gonna use it as an anklet. It fits PERFECTLY around my ankles. LOL I'll take pictures of the rings tomorrow or sometime in the future. What else ... uuuuh i just made myself a sandwich & i'm pretty much just chillllingggg. Didn't got to dessert w/ Jeanie cause we were tired :/// Mkay, end of ramble !

@ school today:
Me: Dude, that girl is HELLA pretty .. LOOK !
* He looks right into MY eyes & doesn't turn around a bit. *
Babe: No, YOUR pretty.
* Kisses me on my nose *.
Hehhhhhhh, cuteeeee !

After class:
Babe: Did you check your phone in class ?
Me: No ? Why ?
Babe: I left you something sweet !
Me: Really ? What'd it say !
Babe: Something like ' I miss you babe, i swearrrr ! I can't wait to see you :) '
Me: Ew, thats not sweet..
Babe: Really ? ... ( w/ his worried look )
Me: Just kiddding :D Love you !
LOOOL. I love playin his ass.

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