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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Discussion; My Blog-

As my blog is getting more & more ' out there ', i'm expecting to see a LOT of hate questions. I know there's a ton of people out there who hate me & i'm beginning to think they know about this ! LOL Just to let you all know, it's NOT a fashion blog. It's my personal blog, w/ a hint of fashion/beauty to make it more interesting. I mean, if you don't like me, would it kill you to just click the X in the cornerrrr ? Don't gotta leave something. Especially something anonymous. Leave me your name. Otherwise, just get off my page. If you don't like me, there's nothing i can do about it. Stay outta my life, it'll be appreciated :)

No, i'm not tripping. LOL I'm far from it. I guess i'd like some hating. It makes things more .. interesting & shows how much i REALLY can handle. We'll see ;)^ LOOOOOL. At first, i was like ' AWW, I like this ! Imma reblog it. " & then i read on ... Definitely unexpected. LOOL !

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