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Monday, January 18, 2010

Let me share with you-

Helllllo ! I'm gonna post really really quick cause i still gotta wash my hair before i sleep. I left the house at like freakin 12PM & i got home at like 8PM ! I'm SO tired. Today i got .. a lace cardigan, a tank top, 2 skirts, contacts, & 10 pairs of false lashes :) REALLY REALLY happppppy. NO EARTHQUAKE TODAY. THANK GODDDDD ! LOL I didn't take any pictures cause i wanted to wear my outfit again this week :X Damnnnn, i wore hella new outfits in the weekend. Imma repeat them to school, so if you see me, cut me some slack :) LOL I can't wear my contacts until wednesday cause i gotta get the solution shit :/ Ughhhhhhh, i didn't even do my homework. W/e, i'm slacking. Not gonna get a readmit 2m, idc -.- LOL Mkay, gonna go shower, wash my hair, blowdry it, & choose an outfit. NIGHHHHHHHTS !

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