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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 11, 2010 & January 12, 2010-

I'm seriously in LOVE with this candle. My desk is a mess, i know :/
Jan 11;
Studying for finals while the boyfriend watches TV. LOL This was comfy. Didn't get much work done though -.- Yeah, his hair isn't geled. Weird huh ? LOLL
I couldn't stop laughing. 7 seconds wasn't enough time to run back to the bed & act natural. LOLLL

Jan 12-
I know, i look weird. But i was lazy & i still wanted to look like i KINDA dressed up. Eh, it's a bit on the slutty side but so what. Its me & my style ! Yeah so i'm wearing a pair of leggings, sweats, & two jackets. Hehhhhh :) Oh, and no, thats not my ass crack. Its what i'm wearing underneath sticking out. -.- If my ass crack was that high, that'd be disgusting.
I look like a jogger.
I cut out my face cause ew.Back of my hair request ? Its horrrrible. LOLL It's only pretty on the side.
Hehehehe. I've wanted to do this for a while now. Like my fatass butt looking heart ? :))

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