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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How was your day ?

Hello ! Back again for one of my ramblings. I get up 1 hr & 30 minutes before school starts everyday. That's crazy. LOL I take forever. Anyways, took my Chinese final in the morning. It was 17 pages & 200 questions -.- But it was fairly easy. I probably got an A-B. Modern World was easy ! Well, i studied almost 5 hours. I got 101 out of 109. Hehe, thats a solid A. Yayyyyyyyy ! Effort ALWAYS pays off. Hmm, got home at like 1. Watched TV, cooked, ate, ate more, watched more TV. Haha, just relaxeddd. Tomorrow i have my chem lab final & algebra final. Ughhhhhhhh, imma screw up algebra. & i might do bad on the chem lab final since idk anyone & so i get no help. Blahhh. Stressed out ! Haha,i 'm gonna start studying in a bit. All the way till .. midnight. -.- Mkay, end of ramble. LOL Post in a second ! I wanna show you guys pics of what i want. LOLL

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