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Saturday, January 16, 2010


LOL. my day today was okayy. didn't do much except my nails ! LOL. i was looking at your previous nail pictures and yea (x i'm getting addicted to doing my nails. and are you prepared for the earthquakee ? - christine.

LOL Aww, i posted the request too late ! :/ I'm sorrrry. LOL I'm not really prepared ! I don't think it'll be TOO bad though. Are you ?! LOL What'd you end up doing w/ your nails ? :)

isn't ur bf supposed to be a junior?

LOL He started school late. He was born in November so it's kinda between the two !

hi! (: i was just looking through some of yur old posts & i saw one of yur modeling photoshoot pictures. did yu go to JRP for yur modeling class? cause i thought the place looks kinda familiar like where i had my photoshoot xD

Hello :) Nope, i went to Barbizon ! LOL

stephanie, i'm so jealous of you ! i wish i was as skinny and pretty as you !

Seriously ?! LOL Don't be ! I'm not pretty & i don't like being skinny. I'm actually trying to gain weight ! I bet your beautiful too :) Thanks though ♥

your beautiful inside and out and alot of girls out there envy you. stay strong :)

Aww, that's hella sweet. Thank you :))

LOL it's okayy. &noo i'm not prepared ! i just did the blue/black/&silver lines with the gems (: LOL. and you are pretty ! i was looking at your storee and then saw the pictures of you wearing the clothes and i got jealous. LOL ! ckuhz you're so skinny ):

LOL I seriously needa do my nails again ! How'd they turn out ? It's okay, i'm pretty sure the earthquake will be tiny :) I don't like being skinny, i hella wanna gain wait ! LOL Don't be jealous, i'm sure your gorgeous :D

heeey! i like your blog! && you got a 90+ on your chem test .__. just wanted to let you know since you weren't in class[:

You read my blog ?!! :O LOL Thanks ! REALLY ?!?!?! AHHHHHH, YAYAYAYAY. Thank you ! :D

they turned out pretty good. i haven't done nails in a while and i went to go buy some nail art deco yesterday so yea (: LOL. i wanna lose weight ! its easy for me to gain / lose weight D: and when i start to not eat a lot i faint or something ):

LOL ooo. Keep eating then ! I don't think being skinny is really pretty. It's prettier to have some meat & curves ! LOL Be confident with what you have :)

yeeees! alot more than you'd think & alotta my friends too, we talk about it sometimes LOL! we like!

Realllly ?! LOL Holy crap, how come no one ever tells me ! Thankkkk youuuu :)

i do eat ! D: buht yea. i have pretty low confidence. :x

LOL I know what you mean, i do too ): Just keep working on building it ! :D

wait, isnt a 5-6 a pretty big earthquake?

LOL Yeahh, its pretty big but i don't think it'll do HUGE damage where its dangerous. LOL Well .. i hope it doesn't O.O

after doing your nails, when you shower, dont the like rhinestones/gems/ w/e you call it, fall out? and when you wash your hair, wont it go intoit?

LOL Yeah, they get caught into my hairrr & stuffs. That's why it's hella annoying :/ Hm, just put more time into gluing it. Like fix all the edges so nothing pokes out. It'll help ! & Nope, they get caught but don't fall out. My nail glue is REALLY strongggg !

I swear your blog is amazzing !

LOL Your sweeeet :) Thanks !

i know alot of people at wash that reads your blog and they talk about it sometimes too in my class, im not gonna name names though since its rude :) i just wanna let you know that HELLA people read it :)

Really ?!?! Omg, how embarrassing :// Talk as in good stuff or bad ? LOL How come no one tells me in person !

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