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Friday, January 1, 2010

Formspring.Me ( 30 )

Heey can you put together a lazyday look? With a hoodie & jeans w/ some accessories? I like dressing up to school like yoou, but i have alot of lazy days tooo. Its weird cos when i have my lazy days, i loook real crappy -__- can you make one up?

LOL Yeah sure ! I'll do it once i get the time :)

so, how was your day?

Hello :D Really bad -.- I stayed home on the computer all day. Everyone's out drinkin & i hate that junks. LOL So i'm stuck home, but my boyfriends overrrr. How's yours ? :)

Thanks, i was the one that just asked the question you recently answered LOLOL. Like its even more weird, cos i NEVER talked to that guy before. & i heard before that him & group of his other friends were making fun of the size of my face ): I didnt know most of the people. I heard last year, him & his other friends use to talk the worst shit about people, but stil :/

LOL Your welcome ! Damnnn, some guys are just assholes & there's nothing you can do about it :/ They have nothing better to do. Just ignore them & they'll eventually get bored of it. LOL I mean, their goal is to make you feel bad. Don't let them achieve it !

Since yooour stuck at homee, can yoou do a jewerly collection? tehehe

LOL My boyfriends over & i'm trynna spend some time with him ! Plus i'm getting really dizzy from the comp. LOL So i'm gonna be away for a whileee. Sorry ):

Do you think you're going to marry your boyfriend?

LOL In the future, i hope so.

Stephanie, earlier you gave a girl some advice saying "No, DONT change the way you dress to please other people !" My question is, if you DO change the way you dress, would it be because you wanted to yourself or to try something new? Also, you know how people go for certain types of clothing- have you ever chosen a piece of clothing that you would not normally wear but liked it after you tried it on?

LOL It would be because i wanted to ! & yup, i try new things on all the time. Most of the time, i like it :) My style shifts every so often but its because i want it to & i start to like different things overtime. LOL

my day was pretty much the same as yours. i woke up around 12 to my sister asking me if i wanna go to costco. then i watch mtv for a few hours until i got a phonecall from my bf asking if he could come over. so when he got to my house we sat around the living room watching tv& eating mc donald.

LOL Awww :/ Happy New Years though ! :D

When you went to Reno, did you wear jeans in the snow? And if you did, didn't they get wet from sitting in the snow? I like your white SF jacket btw. :)

LOL Thanks ! Yup, i wore jeans in the snow w/ leggings under. & yeah, they were wet so i changed out of it right when i got back to the car !

OMG! the pink lace-y nails you just posted are the cutest shit ever! i cant wait for the tutorial! if there is one? omg LOVE them! and are those your real nails?? so theyre that long? dang..i wish mine were that pretty(: also i cant believe you have 3500 viewers hella impressive

LOLL Thanks ! I'm not gonna make a nail tutorial :/ It was HELLA complicated. Sorry ! & yeah, they're my real nails. Hehe, thanks :) I know, i'm hella exciteddddd !

If you ever do your own french manicures, what kinda brush do you use for gitting off the white part? Like an eyeliner brush? What size? & Thanks!!

LOL I don't do it that way ! I just use the Sally Hanson french manicure pencil thing. It takes WAY too much time to do the removing way.

Is there a reason that you prefer to go to Piercing Padoga rather than Claire's to get your ears pierced? Does Claire's hurt more?

LOL I just trust Piercing Pagoda more than Claire's. I think the PP workers are more professional & Claire's isn't as reliable. But thats just me so i'm sure both are fine !

I remember one time you wrote about how you LOVEE CSI: NY. I love Criminal Minds & CSI: Miami...buhht mostly Criminal Minds. Do you ever watch it? It's hella good!!! &I also like shows like One Tree Hill & MTV shit so I don't just like those crime stuff. should watch Criminal Minds..I'm so addicted to it right now. & Derek Morgan ( Shemar Moore in real life ) is so hawwt.(: Lmao!

LOL I watched Criminal Minds once but i didn't get it cause it was a random episode ! LOL I like a TON of other shows too :) Hmm yeah but i'd have to watch it online so i can start w/ the first ep ! LOL I love crime stuff so i bet i'd love it too. Hehe

Steph, just letting you know. But Claire's is not a good place to get you ears pierced because they use a gun. Needles are the best way to pierce something.

LOL I got all my piercings done w/ a gun. Piercing Pagoda uses guns too ! Yeahhh, needles ARE the best but thats creepy. Doesn't it hurt a LOT more ?!

Me and my boyfriend fight wayyyyy too much... how did you and your boyfriend stop the fights?

Yeahh, at a point, we did too :/ Its probably just a phase ! Cause overtime, it stopped for us. Hm, talk everything out cause if you guys hold shit in trying NOT to fight, it'll just build up to become a bigger problem. Try to resolve EVERYTHING. If you guys can't agree, then agree to disagree. Oh & do more romantic things together. Maybe you gots to strengthen the spark :) Good luckkkkk !

Do you ever get sick/annoyed of your bf since your with him constantly?

LOL Nope. If i did, then he wouldn't be over all the time. I like spending time with him & i don't think i'd ever be sick of it !

Can you and your sister not have blogtv on jan 3rd. I have school the next day & i dont wanna stay up when i have schoool the next morning :/

I think she's having it on the 2nd ! LOL It's mostly gonna be HER blogtv w/ me just jumping in every so often. I think its mostly her youtube viewers so i don't wanna disturb her. We'll have one when its both of us there the whole time in the future. For now, i'm still shy. LOLL

Where do you get all your nail jewels?

I get them in China !

Dayumm i love you new nails (: Where do you buy the jems & stuff from?

Hehe, thanks :) I got them from China ! & you can get the lace from any fabric store.

how do you study to achieve good grades?

I spend hours reading over the material that i'll be tested on. I do that OVER AND OVER again until i understand every single thing. LOL

Merry New Year ! :] Why does it have to be Happy? why not Merry? :D

LOLL ! Merry New Year's to you too :D

wat is your sister doing for new years? (=

She went to Christians house to spend time w/ his mom ! & watched fireworks on his roof. LOLL

heyyy! i spent bout 2 hours readin yur whole blog like the first day you started bloggin til today cus i got so bored. :) happynewyears btw.

HOLY CRAP ! Really ?! Wasn't it boring though ? :/ LOL Happy New Years ! & Thanks for reading through my ENTIRE blog :)

How long did you have to wait before you removed your cartilage piercing? The same time as your earlobe? Cos when i get my cartilage pierced, i wanna change the stud right away :)

You gotta wait 2 months which is longer than your lobe, i think. LOL But most of the people i know did NOT wait that long. My boyfriend took it out an hour after & his is fine. LOL It just hurts & bleeds a LOTTTTT. + it might get infected if its not healed properly :/ I would wait at LEAST a month ?

hi stephaniee, i read your recent post about new years and how you don't want to hear it about your problems. i know how you feel. there's issues in my life too, and honesty i think that i cry atleast once a week or more. i know that its bad to cry too, buht i just can't help it. and i usually cry because of stuff my dad says / do which sucks /= i just can't help it. the things he does makes me so mad. i'm not telling you this to get advice or anything, i just wanted to share this with you. i think that we have a few things in common. i hope 2O1O is better for you girl ! and happy new year (:

Hello ! I think it's actually HEALTHY to cry & its bad to hold it in. Awww, i understand why though :/ I hold in all my tears, i think thats REALLY bad for you. I hate crying though >:/ Hehe, thanks :) Happy new yearrrrrs !

Whats wrong Stephanie? You can blog about it, it helps.

Ahaha :X I'm a bottled up girlllll.

This is a bit personal, but I was wondering if you ever just told your parents about your boyfriend straight up? Or were they the type of parents that were really old style and didn't want you to have a boyfriend?

Its okay, its not too personal. My parents are NOT old styledddd. They understand our generation & how things are TODAY. So i told them straight up ! I tell my mom even when i LIKE a guy. LOLL We're pretty closeeee.

I LOVE your new nails! But arent you worried that the jems & stuff are gna fall offf ? Especially when you take a shower!

Thank You :) YES, i'm hella scared ! LOL That's why i took a picture before i showered. I'm about to wash my hair too -.- I wonder whats gonna be left after. LOLL ):

Planning on doing a jewerly collection anytime soon? :D

LOL I think i gotta do it AFTER the break. I gotta start my hw ! I have like 3 projs -.- Hmm, theres like 2 weeks before finals. So i'll prob do it within that time ? Once finals start, i won't be blogging muchh :/ Sorry !

Hey Stephanie- I'm the girl that asked you what you like about yourself, and you said nothing. First, I have a few ideas about something you may like about yourself xD! 1) Maybe you like the way you look. You like to take pictures of yourself no matter what you are wearing. ^_^ 2)Would you like your body? You are blessed with a slim body :). Second, I think you should ask Frank what he likes about you! You said you have low self confidence right? I'm pretty sure Frank can help you bring that up b/c he thinks you're beautiful no matter what! Third, you may like your face and nails because you enhance your features with makeup and do your nails very nicely :D. This was a long post, haha. I'm sure you can agree with me on at least of these ideas about you ^_^! (OH, also, I think you should spend some time thinking about what you like about yourself b/c it be fun to pamper and indulge yourself and give yourself some self love :D).

LOL Thanks for this ! :) Lemme reply to every part. 1) I don't like the way i look ! I take pictures of myself cause i have no shame of showing myself @ my worst. 2) I'm skinny but i don't got big boobs & an ass. LOOL ! Just being honest. When someone else tells me what they like about me, i just don't believe it. I have REALLY low self confidence. It's horrrrrible. LOL I would spend time thinkin bout what i like about myself but it just brings me down cause i end up thinking about the things i hate. Oh & i'm not fishing for more compliments by disagreeing w/ everything, its REALLY what i think. Sorry ): But thanks for all the ideas :)

may i ask what is yur sisters youtube acc? :D i wna check out her vids haha

Hmm, who is this ? I don't feel comfortable letting people at my school & stuffs seeing my in the vids. Idk whyyyy. I'm sorry ! I'll prob post up her vids on my blog once i feel comfy with everyone seeing whats on it. You can gimme you email & name though ! I'll tell you there. Sorry i'm so picky -.- LOL

Yaaaaay, i answered ALL of them. LOL !
^ Keep postinggggg.

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