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Monday, January 4, 2010

A bunch of everything.

Reply to the formspring post telling me they read my blog;

It's not creepy at all ! I'm pretty sure a lot of people @ school reads my blogs but they never tell me who they are :/ Thanks for telling me though ! LOL It's not awkward, don't worry. & i've seen your blog before ! :D

To everyone;

I think you guys are all getting the wrong impression of me. I'm complicated & i'm no good at explaining. But just to clear up: I don't hate everyone @ school, i have close friends that i talk to, i'm not hated by EVERYONE ( hah, at least i think not ), & i'm not saying im really mature. -.-

To everyone again;

I'm not trying to be ' famous ' or ' popular' on blogspot. This was not created to be out there & well known. So i'll continue posting about my personal subjects & whatever i feel like posting regardless of what you guys will think. The counters are nothing but a number. Yeah, i'll admit, it makes me happy to see them go up but thats not the whole point of blogging !

Anyways, i'm still cramping and i haven't taken outfit pictures yet :/ I'll do it later .. i hope. LOL Umm, only a lil homework so i'll be free all night. Oh & i'm thinking about making my own quote graphics. They won't be MY quotes or MY pictures but I will be the one putting it together. So i'm pretty much styling it. LOL You can reblog them if you like ? It's not as easy as tumblr but it'll make me happy to see them somewhere else :) You can send me a link if you do ! LOL I seriously doubt anyone will use my shits.

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