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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty smiles & makeup hide so much these days ...

I have a confession ...
I'm a complete mess but there's nothing anyone can do to fix it. Maybe .. things are supposed to be like this. Maybe .. i should have never let it get this far. Maybe .. i don't want to deal any longer. Maybe .. we'll leave it just like this. Life is unpredictable, but i should've seen this coming. Why did i not let myself believe in lies ? I should've accepted the truth months ago.
My Daaaaays:
Hm, so i haven't posted since wednesday. Schools been the same, lots of homework. Hm, babe slept over all week. Ahah, love himmm. " I fell in love with you all over again babe. " Hehe, it made me happpy. Went to dt yesterday for a lil bit. Got a top & Jeanie gave me the boots i ordered. They look exactly like the brown ones i always wear but in ankle versionn. Man, one day i gotta take a pic of alla my shoes. I'll do that sometime. Hm .. chilled @ joels house. Oh yeah on friday, jeanie came over and i did her nails. LOL i haven't done someone elses nails for hella long & i didn't know it would turn out that nice. Now im thinking about making my own fake nails ... & possibly making money offa it ? LOL i'll see. Mommmmy & Daddy are still in china. Their coming back on thrusday ! Yayyyyyyyy. I hope she can take me far away shopping sometime soon LOL Haven't gone in a while. & i think shes getting me some purses from china again (((:. Excitedddddd to see those. Umm, life has been a mess lately, as most of you all know. But i haven't really told anyone whats going on. You've probably figured it out now. But w/e, i know you don't give a shit so why should i ? Gah. W/e fuck it. ANYWAYS, i should start hw. -.- kays, i'll blog sometime this week. Byeeeeeees.

" Live life with an open heart, open mind, and live it w/ out regrets. Sometimes life can be hard & you will get hurt but its those times that make you stronger & wiser. "
P.S: I'm OBSESSED with the song " Bottle Pop " by PCD. If i have time, i'll learn the dance. I should pick dancing up again but theres no one to do it with >< ... LOL is anyone up for it ?! :D

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