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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 1 year + 8 months hubby ...

I have a confession ..
So i'm leaving for moonstar in 10 minutes and decided to post now since i won't have time when i come back. So lets start with yesterdayyy. Babe slept over & we got up at like 1. LOL bused to serra and got there around 3-4 ? It was hot ! :D I likeddddd. Anywaysss, decided not to go to metro mall anymore cause i didn't feel like walking so much. Shopped aroundd. I bought a necklace & my Halloween costume ! :D Its a cop, one of those hella slutty kids but w/e, its halloween i can do w/e the fuck i want >:) LOLLL. Sooooo, we took our time around the mall, didn't really get anything else. Oh yeah, babe bought 2 tees. Hm .. walked to sports authority & went to big 5, office depot, and other stuffs. Just tried to stall time LOL Went to eat @ Outback Steakhouse ! :D It was delicious but overpriced again. We had steak, fries, clam chowder, bread, this shirmp/ crab thing ( IT WAS HELLA GOOD ) .. anddddd ... i dont remember. But i was hella fucking full. LOL jeanie was supposed to come but she didn't ): So after dinner we went around party city & petsmart LOL .. no idea why. Got a ride home. Didn't do much elseeee, but he slept over again. So on to today. Slept in untilllllll .... 11 ? Watched My Antonio & Tool academy ( We do that every sunday morning cause new episodes play ). Decided to bake cupcakes ! LOL that was reallllly funn. It was fun to decorate it since i had a billion different kinds of sprinkles. Ill prob have some pics up on myspace/facebook of them. So yeahhhhh. Just chilled @ home cause im really really tired. Didn't get any homework done today & im bouta go out to dinner with famm. Frank went home ): ... Okay i gotta end it soon gotta leave O.O. Fuck i have hella hw when i get home. + i wanna do my nails ! Alrightys, imma end it here. Byebye (:

" At the end of the day, you either focus on what separates you apart or what holds you together."I noticed that all my blogs are about my boyfriend nowadays. Hes the only one who has been there for me recently and able to keep me happy. I have no idea what i'd do without him. I love you babester :) HAPPY 20 MOTHER FUCKING MONTHS ! Hella crazaaaay.

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