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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A bunch of thoughts ..

I have a confession ..
I haven't posted in like three days ! Alright, time for some random shit that i wanna blog about.

" Beauty gets attention; Personality gets the heart. "

That dumb trick:
Common, don't fall for that trick. You could do so much better then that. I wish i could tell you the side i've seen & maybe it'll change the way you see that person. Oh, & girls, don't just go for a guy for his looks. Theres so much more to it.

It's gross:
Its disgusting when people PDA like crazy. I hate kissing pictures cause i think their GROSS. I'm not trynna offend anyone though bu
t yeah, i prefer to keep my personal shit, personal. I mean, its cute to show your affection & holding hands/ a peck is adorable but its disgusting to see couples making outtt. But then thats just my opinion. One last note on this subject, its disgusting that so many people have their sex life written all over their neck. At least try to hide it -.-

" What most people need to learn in life is how to love people & use things; instead of using people & loving things. "

It's been a while:

It's been a while since this has been going on. Honestly, i don't ever think i'll tell you the truth. I really don't think i have to put myself through it. Well, i'm prepared for the worst so walk if you want to. Sorry to break it to you but i don't give a shit anymore.

I hate school. I'm exhausted. Three tests today but im pretty sure i did well. Hm, first day i barely have any homework. Yaayyyy, i get to sleep earlier today. So, i've been getting headaches for the past week. Their so random & their SO horrible. I hope its not migraines.. + my allergies are killllerrrrr. I can't always depend on Tylenol & Claritin so i ty to just put up with allergies & headaches. Maybe i just need more rest. This is killlllller. So theres SO much things i wish i could do. Ive been wanting to take a photoshoot thing by myself sometime but im not really sure i wanan post it up. I'm pretty sure their gonna be slutttty hahah, & everyones so judgmental. I'll see. Next i stilll haven't learned bottle pop -.- Ugggggh, i wanna do nail tutorial videos, i wanna experiment with makeup, i wanna try on new outfits ! I want my life back ):

" You never know what you have until you get it yanked out of your chest. "

The best show:
Dude, i have an obsession with CSI: NY. You HAVE to watch it if you don't already. Omfgggggg, after watching all the seasons, im so attached to it ! LOL i freaking LOVE mac taylor .. and flack, & stella, & linsey, & danny. Omfg LOL okay, enough abotu that. But yeah, watch it (: Well, you really have to
watch every season to get the storyline. Theres a bigger meaning to it then just solving random crimes. I can't get enough of this show ! Alright, enough rambling. I'll post the next time i have time. But, i post a fact everyday so check up on that everyday :)

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