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Friday, July 3, 2009

Holy Shit, I'm Back ! ..

I have a confession ..
HOLY SHIT ! Its been a month since i've written. Gah, without being able to blog in china was waaaaack but at least i got there & back safe :D. Honestly, i can say my trip was better then i thought it would be. When i think about it, i am fortunate to have an oppertunity to go on a vacation like that. I know many people who would love to take my place, so i guess i should appreciate it. Hm, i think i'll create another blog to write about my days in china. I recorded everything in a notebook :) + i got about ... 1,000 or more pictures ? I'll choose a few and put that up too. So babe picked me up from the airport w/ a dozen of roses. Omfg, idk why but when i saw him i got butterflies. I was nervous and when i'm nervous, i'm clumsy as hell >< I fell a few times :X .. I liked that feeling though, it made me happy. I think this is the first time in a longggggg time that i've been satisfied with my life. :) Oh & i bought hella shit from china :D .. I think i have about 15 new pairs of shoes, 15 purses, 20 belts, and a bazillion necklaces, bracelets, & hair shit ! Oh, & 4 new swimsuits .. + other shit i don't remember .. LOL Hehe, i'm happy :) Frank just went to mail his moms bill & hes still not back -.- Grrrrrr .. Anywyas, i wonder when i'll get to hang with the group and have another girls day .. I miss it ! + i have a lotta gifts for them. Alright, i'm done ! Byes :)

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