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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have feelings too ...

I have a confession ..
I haven't felt this angry in a while. You don't even know how much hatred i'm feeling towards you right now. I don't deserve being treated like shit when all i do is try to make you happy. I chase you when your wrong, i try to hold your hand when nothing was my fault; only to get hurt in return. You yell at me, cuss at me, and tell me things that any girl in the world would dread to hear. I take it; I allow it. & It's getting way out of hand. These problems could've easily been resolved but you just have to loose it all the time. Throwing random fits at me ? What do i look like to you ? Your bitch ? Someone you can just push around ? You abuse the fact that i love you unconditionally. The way i come after you no matter who is at fault. Just today have i realized what i've been letting myself go through. I could change everything it in a split second .. but i don't. I fucking love you but this ain't about to go anywhere w/ that temper. Take a second and see things in my shoes. There's no way you could go through what i do. Think about it.
.. But through this all, i gained something. I've become stronger person: Controlling my emotions and being able to keep it together in the toughest situations. I've learned to stay calm no matter whats going on. But you don't even know what i went through to get to this point. So can you please show me some mother fucking respect ? I'd really appreciate it.

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