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Sunday, May 10, 2009

One more try ..

I have a confession ..
Things aren't going that well. I feel hella betrayed but i guess its not your fault. It's probably just a misunderstanding cause i know you wouldn't deliberately do that to me. Here again, i'm tryin to run away from the situation cause i really don't wanna deal with it. I'm blocking myself outta your life, for a while, at least. Haha, i tried real hard to keep things goin, but now i just wanna give up. Then again, i was thinking .. maybe i shouldn't. Maybe, all it takes is just one more try. Maybe, this can easily be fixed. Then again, theres problems with another person. Every time i talk to you, i feel like your so annoyed. But i keep talkin to you cause i wanna keep in touch. I always have to do everything first, otherwise we'll fade. You told me what you didn't like me doing and yeah, i tried to change. I swear. But its pretty hard when its all i can do to keep a conversation going between us. This also could be easily fixed. Misunderstandings annoy me but yet, its sucha big part of my life >:/
One more try to fix it before i completely block myself out ..
Blah, i have HELLA hw this entire week so i'll barely post. Gotta get started now ! TTYL.

P.S: Happy mothers day ! Love you mommy :)

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