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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally ..

Wow, Finally my mozilla firefox works ! Its been over a week since i've posted. I have so much to update on. Well, my life has been crashing down .. and i feel like i'm slowly dying .. literally. I'm worn out, i've pushed myself to the limit, and i can't do any better. FML, freal. Sighhh, as expected i have too much homework to be doing this right now. So, i'll update you guys some other time. Oh yeah, i'm going to china in 10 days. Usually, i'll be SO excited but tell me why do i feel so different this time ? I'm dreading the fact that im leaving soon. It doesn't feel like a vacation. I don't wanna go there but at the same time, i dont wanna stay here. I'd do anything to run away from my situation .. then tell me .. why am i not excited ?
Sorry again for not posting.

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