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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bit of hope ..

I have a confession ..
What a crazyass day O.O ... hella things happened today & everythings still goin wrong but w/e, i'm done dreading over stupid shit ! Haha, a lot of people were there for me today even though i barely know them. It really meant alot :) I was feeling really alone and it cheered me up. So thannnnnks ! <3 It's stupid how i'm still holding on, you put me through so much pain, its indescribable. Even after all of that, i'm still crazy about you. I miss the old you .. you changed. I miss the way you used to make me feel, the way you used to look at me, love me .. its all gone. All i'm left with is hope. I find myself constantly crying because of the awful things you say. I know i'm being stupid, letting you do this to me but it's how much i love you. Does it mean anything to you ?
& It's that bit of hope thats keeps me going.

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