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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Loneliness ..

I have a confession ..
I'm never able to feel comfortable in school. I went into high school afraid that i won't find people to hang w/, relate to, or trust. Everything i hoped wouldn't happen, did. As i walk through the hallways this very day, i see many people giving me intimidating glances. Yeah, I've made friends but it's just those " hi & bye " types. Throughout all 8 months of school, i still haven't found that ' perfect best friend ' who's there for me 24/7. Sure i have my middle school friends & my boyfriend but half the time in class, I'm alone. By now, I've practically gotten used to being alone .. i'm sick of it. When will things start to feel more comfortable ? When will i start feeling loved ..

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  1. I bet a lot of other people in your school feel the same way. Friendship is something I think most people struggle with for much of their lives, because having close friends requires being vulnerable--which most people are afraid to do.