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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jealousy hits ..

I have a confession ..
For some reason, jealousy hits me so easily. The simplest things my boyfriend does gets to me. I mean, i know he's faithful, i trust him. But whenever he's with another girl, it hurts me in some way. Even if their in a relationship ! Whenever i have something on my mind, i'd always tell him; so whenever i get jealous, i tell him. This causes a bunch of arguments & i know he's fed up with me acting like this .. but honestly, i can't change it. Yeah, i tried multiple times but i always end up feeling the same way. I start being in denial and lying to myself / others. I know deep down i still have jealousy issues but i hide it & tell him everything is fine. Therefore, baby, i'm sorry for all the unnecessary fights i have caused us due to my jealously. However, i can't change this feeling. But keep in mind that I'm only jealous because i love him a whole lot, i just want him to completely be mine. No other girl in the way, mine, & only mine ..

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