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Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Weekend

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been blogging again.. but that's because everything has been really hectic lately. I didn't really mention it, but I ended up in the ER again recently and bleh. I'm just really tired, stressed, and drained. (physically and emotionally) I've been trying to compose myself and get things together, so I hope you guys understand!

I wanted to blog because I just woke up feeling so incredibly happy and blessed. I'm not one to get cheesy about my boyfriend and I online often, because I think it gets really annoying for other people to read, but let me just tell you.. I am so happy. And 99.9% of it is because of him. This entire school year (since we started a long distance relationship), we probably had less than 5 arguments in total. I mean, we started arguing much less in the recent years in general and its amazing. Not only that but I feel like our relationship this year has been better than any other years. We're just so happy together. Always flirting, joking around, and being super cheesy. A long distance relationship sucks because that pain you feel when you go to sleep knowing he's so far away kills you. But also, it has its benefits. That excitement I feel when I get to see him.. and I literally get butterflies in my stomach when he's on his way. Our conversations are so rich and I can just go on and on about everything.

Last night, I slept appreciating having him next to me and just listening to him sleeping made me smile. I woke with a kiss and him telling me that he has to leave for work now. And he always wakes up telling me how beautiful I am. Even when I look like complete crap, he'll look at me and tell me over and over again "good morning, beautiful", "you're so damn beautiful."And you can see the sincerity in his eyes. It's just so amazing being fortunate enough to experience this much love. He tucked me in a little better (one of the things we always do for each other), kissed me on the forehead, and left.

It just makes me smile when I think about how in a little over week, I get to experience this every morning. For a good 4 months.

So blessed...


  1. thats really amazing what you and your boyfriend im so happy for you and im glad you're feeling better :)