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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 22; June 20, 2012-

Our last day! Chilled in the morning and at around 5PM, we went to this luxury spa. My aunts friend owns it so she gave us a card with tons of money on it to blow. It was so crazy! When you go in, there are workers there that help you take off your clothes, shower, washes your head, etc. Since we're not used to being so.. exposed, I wrapped myself in a towel and did everything myself :P You change into their outfits and head to the lounging area. Oh! And they have a million different hair products and lotions to use :P It was very high class. We chilled at the lounge and ate a LOT! (Food was unlimited) Then we paid to get a room to play MJ :P They also had this really nice porch area. It was fun! (We went last year too, if you remember but this was at a different location!) We used 5,000 yuan that night! That's almost $1,000 for 9 people to just shower :P 

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