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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 18; June 16, 2012-

We went to “Pearl City” to get some things. They sell a LOT of real pearls there that range from fresh water pearls to salt water pearls. Some are cheap & some are EXTREMELY expensive. They also had a few replica stores there where they sell fake designer stuff. Afterwards, we just went home to chill & we had a dinner at “Feng Shou Ri” with my uncle’s co-worker. We didn’t exactly know who he was but my parents did & stuff so yeah. Feng Shou Ri is where i had my birthday party 2 years ago when we came. So those who watched my old shanghai series vlogs know that you order food at the front of the restaurant & not off a menu. All the food is prepared on the table to show you what it looks like & you simply pick which dishes you want. The food was REALLY good but our soup came SUPER late. In fact, it came after our entire meal & dessert. My dad was pretty pissed off. LOL But yeah, besides the crappy service, i really do love that restaurant. Afterwards we just went home. 
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