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Friday, May 25, 2012

I've officially graduated!!

The past two days have been amazing. Exhausting, but amazing. We had our senior dance yesterday night (Wednesday) & it was great! Spent most of the time signing yearbooks and passing out senior portraits/ prom pictures. It was FREEZING. I wore a red backless top and I froze to death. Ended up wearing babes peacoat the rest of the night. It was really great spending the night with my senior class. Last time we were all going to get together before graduation. We didn't dance at all until the last song. They played Graduation! )': Wahh, then came the waterworks. Everyone was crying and hugging one another. It was beautiful! I teared up while dancing with Frank. Things are going to be SO different.. I'm scared to death but w/e happens, I know we're strong enough to pull through. Screw the freakin distance! Anywhos, I wore makeup to senior dance (even though the swelling wasn't completely gone) since I thought I figured out that it was the mascara causing the swelling. However, at the end of the night, my eyes were stinging and puffy again. Ugh. Slept pretty early!

Today, I woke up at 4AM, 6AM, & 8AM to check on my eyes. My heart dropped when I saw how swollen they were... I was seriously going to cry. I couldn't even sleep for the rest of the night. Woke up with terribly swollen and sensitive eyes. Ugh. Spent the morning holding an ice pack over my eyes hoping the swelling would die down a bit. Viv helped me do my makeup and it covered up most of the swelling but was extremely painful. Not a good idea to pack makeup on top of my eyes but it was my big day, so I had to! Dressed up, did my hair, & headed over to school where we had our graduation. I was SO nervous and anxious the entire time. I just can't believe I've graduated! Doesn't feel real. Graduation was amazing. I loved the speeches. We had it outside on our field so it was FREEZING and extremely windy. I used tons of bobby pins to secure my hat to my head but it flew off multiple times. Ugh. I was SO cold, I was shaking during the entire ceremony. Overall, it was amazing. Received my diploma :) Family brought me a huge bouquet of flowers and this HUGE lei. It wasn't one of those ordinary ones where the flowers just face one way. It's PACKED with orchids. So beautiful!! My best friend, Jeanie, came for Frank & I and brought us both a bouquet of flowers and a balloon :') I was so happy to see her! (If you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE YOU!!) LOL anyways, took pics with friends and headed home. Fixed up a bit and went to Koi Palace for dinner. Dinner was super yummy :) My godmother made this BEAUTIFUL cake for Frank and I. It was delicious! Took pics with my family members and then went home. Took a wonderful, hot bath. Oh man.. after 2 days of freezing my ass off, that was a must. Now I'm here, typing this while holding an ice pack over my eyes. I don't know what I'm going to do about this whole makeup situation. Kind of sucks since I'm leaving for China in 4 days.. Sigh.. Well, for now, enjoy the pics :)

I love this dress! Definitely bringing it to China to wear to a formal dinner :P


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  2. Hii Stephanie
    i always enjoy reading your blog!!! you are such an amazing person AND hardcore fan of grey's anatomy :)

    wish you and frank only the best for your relationship
    stay the way you are,