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Monday, April 30, 2012

Shanghai, China 2010

I can not believe that two years has already passed. In less than a month, we'll be there again. I'm so damn excited, I'm about to explode!!!! LOL I'm looking back at old vlogs and photos :) I realized that I never posted any of my China pics up cause there was just waaaay too many. So here are some! You can literally see the happiness in my smile. (And you can see how much Frank & I have changed.. My makeup and hair is COMPLETELY different now! And I lost a lot of my baby fat :P) That year was a blast and I'm so lucky to be able to go again with my boyfriend :) If you guys remember, I had a livejournal last year where I summarized my days. This year, I'm thinking of setting up a tumblr. (The site doesn't work, but I can access it on my iphone. Along with instagram, twitter, blogspot, etc) Hm.. let me know what you guys think! I'll upload videos, text, and photos on the tumblr ^^ Hehe, SO exciting. Okie dokie, enjoy the photos! 

Day 1 :)
Massage almost every night ^^
Shopping all daaaay!
Amusement parks :)
The AMAZING food.
Eating KFC :P
Our adorable pets that I miss SO much ): This is Gorden :)
Frank is floating!!!!
Hot pot :)
LUCKY!!! My sweetest, smartest, most loyal dog in the entire world.. I freakin love him to deaaaaath.

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