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Monday, April 30, 2012

Prom Photo Shoot-

Finally done editing them! (I edited most of them myself which is why they don't look as good as Richard's edits :T) I LOVE these ^^ Which ones your favorite? :)

Make-up: Vivian
Hair: Mom
Dress: Hand made by my mom from scratch 
Jewelry: Borrowed from Vivian
Shoes: Steve Madden
Corsage, Boutineer, Garter: S&V collections 
Babes attire: Men's Wearhouse, Alfani, Calvin Klein

Make-up time!
Hair time!
Look how gorgeous! :)
Before I changed
Putting on my shoes
Corsage, boutineer, garter
Babe getting ready
My grandpa :)
Parents, grandpa, sister!
Middle school sweetheart :)
Putting on my corsage
Pinning on his bountineer
The garter
Photo shoot at The Legion of Honor
My favorite pic of babe!! He's so photogenic!
One of my favorites :)
Another one of my favorites!
"To love, cherish, & protect."
Fail.. ):
His & hers :)
I love this one!
Another favorite :)


  1. YOU and Frank look soo cute together!!! hope you had alot of fun at your prom can't wait to see your next vid!!

  2. yay! the pics are gorgeous! you looked beautiful steph :)

  3. uhm..... the garter is supposed to go on your right leg above your knee, not on his arm...