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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hehe :)

I haven't been blogging recently :T To just briefly update you guys, everything is pretty much perfect right now. I've been doing SO well in all my classes (even though I feel like I'm slacking off), this week has been SO chill, & I'm just overall extremely happy. Babe & I have been eating out a lot after school and just hanging out a lot. We've also been hanging out with Erica & Lance an awful lot! I just don't summarize my days anymore :P Today, babe bought our prom tickets and at night, I went to Union Square with my mom and bought an LV Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene and Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ^^V I'm so in love with my sunglasses, I literally wore them around the house for an hour. LOL Anywhos, here are some photos ^^

I'm in LOVE with this bag. Yes, I know I already have a speedy and I really wanted the Trevi PM but it was just way too expensive for an 18 year old. I wanted to make this purchase myself with my own income (I've been saving up for a while now.. I call it my "LV fund") & the Trevi ($1,900 w/ out tax) was just out of my budget. The speedy and neverfull is most reasonable for my age so I picked the speedy. (Since I'm not crazy about the neverfull) I'm SO in love with this. It's my new baby ^^ Hehe first purchase with my own money and it feels AMAZING. 
 Mom bought me these designer shades. First pair of designer shades. I love them!! They're SO pretty. You can instantly tell that they're designer. I love the thin metal rims ^^ (The thicker plastic ones looked so cheap) Ahhh, so perfect!
 Prom tickets. "La Vie En Rose" :)
New shoes!!!! Going shopping with my mom is always fun :P

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