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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 20, 2012- (Senior Prom!)

Prom day was hectic, but amazing! Starting from the morning, I got up at around 10am. I tried to sleep in for longer but I was just too excited :P LOL Got up and just killed time until we had to run some errands. Picked up brunch for Frank, Viv, Richard, & I + our corsages/ garners/ boutineer. (They're beautiful! I picked white since red roses would be too much with the dress. I also added in the sticks with jewels  ^^) We had brunch (Thai food + tapioca) and then Viv started on my makeup. I went for a dark crease look with a little bit of brown. Took a little longer than I expected :T Rushed to my moms salon to get my hair done. Then Frank & I got dressed!! Took some photos at my moms salon with my fam and then rushed to The Legion of Honor to take photo shoot pics ^^ Richard helped us take them with his really amazing camera. He literally followed us all day and helped us take a million pics + videos. The photo shoot pics came out AMAZING (although I still have an awkward smile... can't wait to get these braces off :P)! Rushed home to eat a very quick dinner (we were running late all day...) and then my parents drove us to our prom location. (The Galleria) It was BEAUTIFUL. We got there pretty early. The set up and everything was AMAZING. Amazing snacks and drinks ^^ Took the professional pics first then photobooth pics! Then babe and I took pics with friends from school. We sat the first hour since the dance floor was pretty empty. (Note: we both have never danced or been to a dance before..) I was pretty hesitant to dance since I was a little shy but babe convinced me to ^^ LOL He literally MADE me dance. Then I got really into it and went nuts. LOL Danced for the rest of the night with babe ^^ It was SO fun! LOL Franks literally the reason why I had such an amazing time. Eek, anywhos, prom was AMAZINGGGGG. Here are photos from my phone :)

After picking up the corsages ^^ 
Richards amazing set up LOL
Yaaaaay, so pretty! Looks professional ^^  (glitter falsies ;))
LOL Mom doing my hair!

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