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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 3, 2012-

Headed to Vacaville with babe, Lance, Erica, & Sky. We went to get Sky microchipped which is why we were at a vets house! (Explains all the huskies :P) Omg but seriously, there is no greater feeling than being surrounded by husky puppies.. LOL Me and Erica probably said "AAAAH SO CUTEE" a million and one times. Ugh, adorable. After that, we headed to Vacaville outlets to shop! Had subway for dinner and ate outside. It was lovely :) Sky gets SO many compliments LOL He's so adorable. Anywhos, we shopped till closing time! I purchased another high low skirt, a scarf, and flip flops. We then headed to walmart where Erica and I spent a lot of time in. The boys stayed in the car w/ Sky :P LOL We bought a lot of makeup and random stuff! Overall, it was a really fun day ^^ Here are photos! 
 OOTD! Haven't worn shorts in a long time :P
 Too cute..
 Babe giving them belly rubs :')
 High five!

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  1. the huskies are soo cute and adorable where can i get one? lol