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Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting a piercing!

I've never recorded myself getting a piercing before! LOL So since Viv was vlogging yesterday, she filmed it :) I literally had no reaction to that! LOL I swear, it felt like practically nothing! I decided to upload this clip for you guys just for fun :P  I got it done at Piercing Pagoda with a gun! (I know needles are recommended, but I've never had a problem with this method and I think it's fine!) The piercing was practically painless if you guys are wondering. However, it did hurt this morning when I had to clean it and such! Throughout the day, it hurt a little but it wear bearable pain. I can't really say these piercings don't hurt, because they do, but the process of getting it pierced is painless. Later on in the months and years, it hurts when it gets infected and stuff. (Now that kind of pain is almost unbearable :T) Still worth it though! :)

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