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Saturday, January 7, 2012

December 31, 2011- (New Years Eve!)

I stayed home for a family dinner. Went out to eat dessert with babe at Fluffy Snow! Then we started craving won ton noodle soup.. so we went for some ^^ Saw a little bit of fireworks that night. Didn't want to go to the pier b/c it's just too hectic! Had a lovely night. 4th annual kiss from babe ^^V

Liked my shimmery make-up! My lashes are so long ^^ (They're not false lashes!) 
 Should NOT have shut my eyes to tightly -.- Can't see my liner ):
 In my new VS pjs :)
 Love my lashes!
 Dessert :)
The moon was so pretty!
 I barely took any firework pictures since I wanted to pay attention :P
 Loveeees him to death!

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