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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


  • Spent $30 on baking goods. SO excited to bake Christmas cookies and cupcakes :D
  • Went shopping yesterday but didn't purchase anything ):
  • Went shopping again today and used my two $5 H&M gift cards (from black Friday) on a scarf, dress, and chiffon blouse. I spent less than $15 ^^
  • Got Hunty Christmas presents :P New toys!!!!
  • Can't wait to go Christmas shopping.
  • Can't wait until the 24th b/c that's when everyone is coming over. SO much planned. I'm definitely vlogging ;)
  • The Christmas decorations around SF are beautiful ^^
  • This is officially my favorite time of the year.
  • Vacation to Reno, Nevada (again) on December 26-December 28!!! WHOOOOHOOO. King suites ;) It's going to be INCREDIBLE.
  • I get to see snow this year!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • About 8 more finals to take within the next 5 days of school :T A little stressed.
  • Did my nails today! It doesn't look like fair isle to me at all -.- But oh well. Still cute. Check my instagram or twitter!
  • Going to re-paint them next week. I already know what i'm going to do and you guys will LOVE it!!
  • I'm super happy and excited. Eeeeeek. Everything is perfect.

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