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Friday, December 23, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011-

This was, by far, the best day of my winter break so far. Me and babe went on an all day date! Those are always the best. I mean, we spend a lot of time together and go on dates all the time but it's entirely different when we go out of the city together. In the afternoon, we stopped by Spots Basement! Babe wanted to look for things he could wear to Reno. We didn't buy anything though :T Then, we went for In&Out. Had a double double and fries :D After that, we finally headed towards San Jose. We attended Christmas in the park! It's this holiday fair thing in downtown San Jose. I was somewhat disappointed since I expected it to be bigger than it was, but we still had so much fun ^^ Babe and I went around to see all the decorations. Then we rode the ferris wheel! Surprisingly, I've never been on a ferris wheel before.. (Well, I have but I was too young to remember) So this was exciting! The ferris wheel was fun but scarier than a roller coaster LOL Babe was SO scared. It was hilarious!!! He was shrieking like a girl the entire time. After the ferris wheel, we went and bought hot chocolate. Spent another half an hour or so walking around and taking photos. Then we went to Walmart. Bought last minute Christmas gifts and stuff. Then we stopped by Safeway. Got home before midnight! Overall, it was an incredible day. It's funny how even after 4 years, I still get the butterflies before going on a date with babe. He's the best best friend and such an incredible boyfriend. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I can't help but to smile every time I think about him! Anyways, it was a magical night. Here are photos!
I thought it would be fun to use some gold shimmery eye shadow :P The lighting is terrible! 

 In front of the ice skating rink!

 Snow!! (Artificial snow... but still!!)

Wearing my new cream peacoat! It looks a little yellow in these photos but it's cream :) The hood lined with white fuzz!! Super cute

 LOOL I made him.. ^^
 The ferris wheel!!

 Babe + the view!

 I love this picture!!

 Snacks :)
 My mannnnnnnn ^^


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