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Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011-

Girls day! Whohooooo! It's always fun to get together with the girls. So me, Viv, & Jeanie went to Stonestown at around 4pm! I got an invisible shield on my new phone + shopped a bit. Viv had to help my parents set up their new phones (we gave our iphone4s to them) so it took a while. Then, we went to pick up Mei! Headed to bed, bath, & beyond. We bought our gingerbread house kits that we're doing for our Christmas party as well as white elephant gifts. First, we went around together so we can all take a look at what they have. Then we separated so we could purchase our gifts. Omg, it was hilarious b/c we kept running into each other and screaming! I grabbed the gift when I saw no one looking and ran to hide it somewhere else in the store. Mei saw me though ): So when I casually walked back, she was laughing LOL It was fun! I'm not gonna say what I bought (cause i'm sure Jeanie & Viv are gonna read this) but i'll vlog the party! After that, we went to Serramonte. I've been looking for leggings and skirts so I ended up buying 5 skirts and another chiffon blouse! Spent a lot of $$$ :T ... Shopped for quite some time and then finally went to eat dinner at Elephant Bar. I had mahi mahi again! We also ordered a dessert and shared it! Super fun night. Feels good to be with just girls and talk about things only we understand. (+ do a little gossiping ^^..) LOL Anywhos, amazing day! I vlogged a little on my phone b/c I forgot my Vado but my phone died ):.... I have a little bit of footage that I'll put up! Here are photos :)
Lovvvve this girlll
OOTD! Borrowed my moms purse :D New off the shoulder sweater!
SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SKIRT. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Cutest thing ever!!!! Definitely wearing this at Reno ^^
The girllllllls ^^
My yummy mahi mahi
Ice cream mud pie!

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